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UDL has a prime focus on using computers in the curriculum because, unlike traditional learning materials such as books, computers are uniquely flexible. However, just because someone can access a piece of content online doesn’t automatically mean s/he can understand or make sense of it. Mere access to the content is inadequate unless that access is mediated with instructional and user interface design supports appropriate for the specific audience you are creating for.

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3 Primary Principles of UDL:
Website Design Principle Considerations:
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Provide Multiple Means of Representation:

Recognizing how learners gather and categorize information through all
of their senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste), and providing
multiple methods of learning that engage the distinct senses in differing ways
  • Clear information hierarchy is used to drive navigation organization?
  • Purposeful use of images and/or info-graphics, and embedded media
  • Sustained design is used of text and page layout throughout the site
Provide Multiple Means of Action of Expression:

Recognizing how learners navigate problems by engaging them
in activities that encourage critical thinking, and individual expression of opinion.
  • Easy and self explanatory navigation
  • Content is organized and presented in a way best interpreted for specific audience
  • Space for tutorials and/or FAQs for users is part of the main navigation
  • Critical thinking is behind information organization and representation
Provide Multiple Means of Engagement:

Recognizing what motivates and engages different learners in learning, and providing multiple elements for differing interests and motivators.
  • Goals and message on the homepage/subpages are clearly defined
  • Use of color, images, movement, etc. are used to draw attention to information
  • Assessment/feedback is available to be captured in multiple ways
  • Information is presented in a visually simplistic way (nothing too busy)

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