Getting Started with Wikispaces

external image Account.JPG
  • To begin, sign-in or create a new account for Wikispaces at
    • Save your Username and Password in a safe place for the future.
    • If you already have a wikispace account, sign in with your current Username and Password and select, Create a New Wiki
  • We recommend that you give your Wikispace a clear and simple domain name
    • Consider the Content you will be hosting and create a simple title
    • Consider something easy to recall so your users will remember it (For example external image make_wiki.JPGthis wikispace is called, "ncltiTPACK")
  • Select Protected (free) for your WIki Permissions
  • Make sure to choose the "Plus" plan and to request a K-12 free wiki
    • Wikispaces designed for educational purposes are free

To the Left is an example of the screen you will see when you Create a New Wiki --->

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