Participation in online workshops will provide NCDPI staff with the opportunity to experience asynchronous, rigorous, cohort-based, professional development. In these workshops, participants will interact with a facilitator and other participants, in an anytime, anywhere virtual environment, as they learn new content, strategies, and experience various web-based tools. Each workshop will include online readings, multimedia resources, interactive activities, and focused discussions.

NCDPI and FI teams will work closely to develop future topics and scheduling of these workshops. Plans include to host a series of "Technology Showcase" events at the Friday Institute, a TPACK Institute, and developing a series of innovative, facilitator-led, online courses.

Our Team
Team members from DPI and the Friday Institute include:
  • Nancy Barbour, District & School Transformation (DST)
  • Jackie Bell, Friday Institute
  • Brittany Burns, Friday Institute
  • Emmy Coleman, Friday Institute
  • Wendy Edney, Career & Technical Education (CTE)
  • Lisa Hervey, Friday Institute
  • Verna Lalbeharie, Friday Institute
  • Johanna Maynor, Curriculum & Instruction (C&I)
  • Julian Nichols-Wilson, Instructional Technology (IT)
  • Geentanjali Soni, Educator Recruitment & Development (ERD)
  • Robert Sox,Educator Recruitment & Development (ERD)
  • Sophia Stone, Friday Institute
  • Tracy Weeks, NCVPS
  • Karen Creech, NCVPS

Current Work:

(1) Data Collection: consulting with divisions to identify a priority area of needs for online course development, gathering data using a series of team-developed guiding, exploratory questions; (Download the Priority Area of Needs Document.pdf for the list of questions);
(2) Data Review: on-going review of data collected to date regarding division expressed needs;
(3) Online PD Model: consulting with divisions to identify online PD approaches/models (online facilitator-led, blended);
(4) TPACK Extravaganza Event and Future "Technology Showcase" Events
(5) Identifying Resources: collaborative exploring of existing resources (online videos, online courses, repositories of instructional tools/technologies);
(6) Identify Online Courses: identifying online courses focused on the leadership strand or content strand based on priority areas of needs

Possible online courses are listed below; however, this is subject to change as the team continues its data gathering process.

Leadership-Focused Workshops may include:
  • Transforming Educator Practice with Web 2.0 Tools (pilot launches October 24th!)
  • Leading in a Web 2.0 World
  • Getting Started in the Technology-Enabled Classroom for Administrators

Content-Focused Workshops May Include:

  • English I and Web 2.0 Tools in the Technology-Enabled Classroom
  • Social Studies Pedagogy in the Technology-Enabled Classroom
  • US History and Web 2.0 Tools in the Technology-Enabled Classroom

last update 8/22/12